Shaping minds in formative years

Welcome to Strengths Kingdom Personality Preschool, a venture by Sanjeev Datta, imparting education and transforming personality to make a child successful in every sphere of life. We are not just concerned about bringing academic brilliance in children but also focus on enhancing personality traits in them.
Learning is fun at Strengths Kingdom as we have embraced an easy and exciting way to engage kids in a number of creative and innovative activities. We have introduced theatre and drama in our education curriculum to make learning a more enjoyable experience for kids.
We are a play school for kids with a difference. We lay the seeds of foundation not just to make a happy beginning but to remain happily even after. We understand you expect more for your child. You can count on us as we make parents proud by shaping every child’s thoughts and personality with care, love and affection. We follow a more practical methodology to impart education to our students.
We stand apart from other kids play schools in New Delhi offering a truly premium experience in early learning and care. We have brought a revolution in the arena of education because we are the only pre nursery school in New Delhi conjugating learning with personality transformation system. We keep on updating our programs to keep pace in education industry and incorporating the latest research into a fresh approach to learning.